Monday, May 16, 2011

Celebrating two great years of great articles and projects !

Metal Clay Artist Magazine is celebrating its 2nd year anniversary.

I am very happy to see how this great magazine has grown so much. Each issue is bigger and full of great articles, projects, tips and beautiful pictures of work by many artists around the world.

Thank You to Jeannette Froese LeBlanc, Carl LeBlanc, Margaret Schindel 
and all their great team of helpers for such a great job !

Thank You to all of you for supporting this wonderful magazine !!

Here are some links you can visit and join the groups.

Happy Birthday Metal Clay Artist Magazine !!!



  1. Thank you Lorena for the blog post! Carl and I and our family have put in a great deal of time and love into the magazine. (It has changed our lives and that of our 2 little children.) This has by far been the most satisfying artistic endeavor thus far for me! And I've hardly had time to create any jewellery! But helping fellow artists has been my driving force. It brings tears of happiness to my eyes to think of all of the artists who helped, edited, wrote, made, photographed, promoted and joined us!!

    Finding and working with Margaret has only made this experience even better! Up until the wee hours of the night working together on the editorial aspect of getting a magazine issue out the door has been a labour of love for both of us! And just another part of our "international collaborations"! Carl and I are in Canada, Margaret is in the USA. We have several other staff members and contributors in the USA, an the UK, France, Malaysia, Israel, Australia, Japan, Mexico and 60+ other countries!!

    At this point I'd like to make one of those "Academy Award" speeches--where the band has to start playing....but I'm so afraid I'd miss someone so I'm going to think about my thank you list. The generosity of our community has been marvelous!


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