Sunday, May 29, 2011

How to Make Faux Spiculum Chain End Findings

A spiculum? What on earth is a spiculum? In metalsmithing terminology, it's the name for a tapered tube of metal. They are formed from a flat sheet of metal, the seam is soldered, then they can be curved and bent in a variety of attractive forms.

Metal clay lends itself to a similar technique. Because we can easily roll metal clay into a tapered form, we can make our own version of a spiculum. I make them into custom chain ending findings for unfinished chains and call it a "faux" spiculum–because it's not really a tube. At least not all the way…

Here is a tutorial on how to make these chain endings, using my faux spiculum technique. It's an easy intermediate project–I am going to assume you know basic metal clay procedures, including how to roll a metal clay "snake".

If you would like a copy of the PDF just click on the link below. It will immediately automatically download for you.


I hope you enjoy it!

~ Evelyn


  1. Evelyn, thanks so much for posting this wonderful tutorial on our blog! I'm sure our readers will find it very interesting. I know I did! :)

    ~ Margaret

  2. Thank you, Evelyn! Very informative tutorial! Sophia Georgiopoulou

  3. Evelyn, I love this! Thank you for sharing this with all of us. :-)

  4. Nice tutorial, Evelyn! Thanks for sharing.


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