Sunday, March 18, 2012

Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken

I have grand plans for future blog posts that delve into the many ways polymer clay and metal clay intersect. There is so much to explore: how artists use both types of clay in mixed-media designs, as well as how polymer clay is such a versatile tool for creating shapes and textures out of metal clay.

I recently taught an introduction to copper clay class to parents and kids. Some of the children were as young as 6. I really didn't know what to expect from the kids, but they all did an amazing job! Unlike many adults, who approach new mediums a bit hesitantly, the kids aren't plagued by creative doubts. Each one told me with confidence that she is an artist.

Ella, age 7, is particularly talented with polymer clay. She makes miniature accessories for her toys and all sorts of other very detailed creations. I tried to explain that she shouldn't touch her very metal clay very much to prevent it from drying out and that it is different that the types of clay she is used to working with. I didn't feel very successful since Ella is very tactile and every time I turned around, she was rolling the clay between her hands as she debated her next move.

Yet on the ride home, when Ella's mom asked her what she had learned in class, Ella responded

"I learned that each type of clay has its own attitude."

How true! What type of attitude does your clay have? Do the different brands and various formulas speak to you in different voices? I think it would be fun to assign each one a persona - after all, we spend a lot of time with them! Please leave a comment and have a wonderful day!

- Cindy Morris, gogoshebogo design


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