Saturday, June 16, 2012

PMC Conference 2012

The last PMC Conference will take place next week. Yes, this is the last conference and I am sad about it. I attended my first conference in 2010 and it was an amazing experience, I was able to finally meet so many talented artists that I have admired their work for a long time.

 My traveling companion was the amazing Vickie Hallmark, I was so thankful she was with me since I am terrified about airplanes. I am sorry Vickie had to deal with my excessive talking , you may think it was because I was nervous but NO this is my normal way of being. ;o)

The Conference is not only a place to see demos by incredible artists and listen to great lectures, the conference is also the best time to connect and socialize with so many people who comes from so many places. People that maybe you only know from social networking sites like Facebook. This is a great time for you to talk and make friends, to share and to be inspired.

If you are coming to the conference I sure hope I can meet you. I will go again with the best traveling companion, my friend Vickie Hallmark.

Be ready to have lots of fun and make great memories !!
See you there !


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