Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Design Contest Winners: Metal Clay Plus

We were happily surprised to see the nearly 200 entries for the Metal Clay Plus Contest. We saw pieces with polymer clay, resin, enamels, fibers, ceramics, wood,etc. All the pieces were beautiful and very innovative.

Thank You to our contest sponsor, PMC Connection and to CEO Jennifer Roberts for her support. Also a big thank you to the judges, Lora Hart, Celie Fago and Joy Funnell.
We also want to thank all the wonderful artists who submitted images for the contest for taking this opportunity to share your art with all of us.

After the judges carefully scored the images the winners were selected and are as follow.

Kimberly Nogueira
Lost Point of Origin
©Kimberly Nogueira
Fine silver, sterling and bronze clays, Mica, Vitreous glass enamel, Paper, Thread, Tourmaline,Found object,
Pearl, Etched and pierced copper sheet, Fine silver wire, Sterling silver sheet, wire and tubing.

Noortje Meijerink
Speedy bird
©Noortje Meijerink
Porcelain clay and copper clay

Liz Hall
Inner Works Pendant
©Liz Hall

Fine silver clay, Polymer Clay, Fine silver wire, Glitter, Iridescent powders, Liquid polymer.

Milica Bubanja
Vintage Fabric Silver Clay Ring 2
©Milica Bubanja

Congratulations to all !!!


  1. When i made this piece, I had no idea that others would be interested in what I thought was a beautiful but very odd box. I was just excited to have an excuse to push myself to use whatever materials my heart desired to tell a story. Thank you for that push Metal Clay Artist Magazine, thank you Celie, Lora and Joy for your impossible challenge in judging and thank you pmc connection for your sponsorship!!!! Being able to see all of the entrants in the issue will be so inspiring!

  2. Congratulations to you Kim and to all the finalists and the artists who participated.

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