Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bird A Week - Blue Garden

At the start of 2011 the wonderful Ruth Baillie started a Bird A Week Challenge. Having never used birds in my jewellery I thought this would be a great time to start. The challenge was simple. Make a bird a week in any media and upload it into the BAW flickr album. The rules - there weren't any!

I decided to make my own personal rules to try to stick to. I wanted to use silver clay for as many pieces as possible and they needed to be saleable items so I could afford to keep it going!!

The piece above I called Blue Garden. It is my 7th bird for the challenge. Made in Art Clay Silver with enamelled accents. It measures approx 36mm in diameter. Below is the reverse using a Rolling Mill Resource texture and a 3mm lab ruby.

So far I have managed to stick to my own rules, will I make it through the year though? Well with some travelling planned it is certainly going to be a challenge at times and I may have to improvise a bit!!! ;-)

Anyway we shall see....

Have fun


  1. This is really pretty, Joy! I love the little hidden stone in the back....good luck with doing the rest of the year! It is fun doing these challenges, isn't it? Kelly

  2. Thanks Kelly, yes I have never done a challenge like this before and I am loving it! Joy

  3. Wonderful piece! Good rules-especially for those of us who would like a little piece of "Joy" in our lives! ~Jeannette

  4. Beautiful! A piece of springtime to wear around the neck. Love it!

  5. Beautiful work and this has inspired me to create weekly challenge series myself! Carrie

  6. Gorgeous !!! I love the back too. I also do something in the back of my pieces ;D.
    I love to be in this adventure with you and all the talented artists.

  7. Looks perfect! I really like the idea! I love birds and just recently started to sketch up the jewelry to see if I could make a new collection... Now you have encouraged me to go on! With love, Barbera Ploeg

  8. What a lovely comment Barbera! We'd love to see what you make!


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