Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Purple Star for Margaret!

What's better than a gold star? Why a purple one of course!

Our Senior Editor, Margaret Schindel, was just awarded a Purple Star Award by Squidoo for her lens, Precious Metal Clay - PMC and Art Clay Silver and Gold. This lens was the first of more than a dozen Squidoo lenses Margaret has published on a variety of metal clay topics:

Metal Clay - Precious Metal Clay / PMC and Art Clay Silver and Gold (winner of the Purple Star Award)
  • Metal Clay Brands and Formulas: Precious Metal Clay (PMC), Art Clay Silver and Gold and more!
  • Precious Metal Clay / PMC and Art Clay Types: Lump, Paste, Syringe and Paper
  • Metal Clay Tools and Supplies - for Precious Metal Clay (PMC) and Art Clay Silver and Gold, and Bronze, Copper, and Steel Clays
  • Techniques Overview for Precious Metal Clay / PMC and Art Clay Silver and Gold
  • BRONZclay Bronze Metal Clay
  • BRONZclay Tools and Supplies
  • Setting Gemstones in Metal Clay (Precious Metal Clay / PMC or Art Clay Silver and Gold)
  • Metal Clay Weaving Tutorial - Making Woven Fine Silver "Fabric"
  • Metal Clay Product Reviews
  • Drying Metal Clay
  • Reconstituting Dry Metal Clay
  • Making PMC silver metal clay oil paste

  • This is a great source of information that every metal clay artist should keep handy! Thank you Margaret for your time and generosity! Look for Margaret's new series of new lenses about PMC Pro that should be published very soon.
    Way to go Margaret! MCAM is proud of you!



    1. Thanks so much for the lovely post, Jeannette! I was excited and honored to receive this special recognition from Squidoo, and I appreciate all the support from my colleagues!

    2. Congratulations Margaret !!
      You deserve it 100% !!!

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