Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day is coming !!!

Valentine's day is coming and it can be a big motivator to create and design hearts. 
I love to design hearts all year round in my work, hearts for me have a strong meaning in my life. I grew up in Mexico surrounded by them, mostly the "Milagro style hearts".

©2010 Lorena Angulo

The heart symbolizes how we love, who we love and why. It also means how we love ourselves and how we take care of ourselves and our health. A heart is a symbol of passion, passion for what we do and for life. 
Live your life to the fullest!

Do you like to create hearts? Why do you like them?
Show us some pictures of your hearts ! We will love to see them !

Keep Playing, Keep Creating !!



  1. A heartwarming post from The Queen of Hearts! Thanks, Lorena! :)

  2. Check out Lorena's blog for her contest! She's giving away one of her fabulous hearts on Valentine's day!!



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