Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ring a Week 2011

I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in RAD (ring a day) last year. This challenge thought me a lot and gave me more confidence in my work. I met a lot of incredible talented artists from around the world, who share the same passion for art and jewelry. 
A lot of the artists who participated in RAD where a little sad that our journey was over. This is the main reason why Thomasin Durgin decided to form a new group for us to continue with our journey.
RAW(ring a week) counts with 264 artists who are creating rings in any medium or material. Everybody is welcome to join the group at any time. 
Lots of my friends are now participating in RAW like Kelly Russell, who has been posting in the blog about her rings. I am very happy to see them all in this challenge.

My first month of RAW is over. 
I managed to create 5 rings.

© 2011 Lorena Angulo
RAW, January 2011

Keep playing, keep creating !!



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