Thursday, January 27, 2011

Barbara Becker Simon Class Photos - Part Two

Here is the latest batch of gorgeous rings that came out of the Barbara Becker Simon class which was held at Ann Davis's new home classroom . Check out these beauties!
This delicious box ring was made by Sherry Chaples. This is easily the most difficult construction discussed in class...and Sherry clearly expertly tackled it.

This stunning ring was made by Cindy Miller. You can't tell from the picture but the top of the ring is actually slightly angled forward. I think this is so it is less effort to blind someone with the bling on her ring! Ha!

This beauty was made by Roxan Waluk. Roxan is so quiet in class...I was just a couple seats down from her and I look up two days later and POW! She stuns me with this amazing ring. But hold onto your seats, look at what else she did:

An expertly set marquis cut stone and look at all the wee little stones around the edge of the box! Believe me, it is "SQUEE" worthy!

Finally, here is Ann Davis's va-va-VOOM sparkly cocktail ring! Can you stand that stone?!! This ring is just amazing and it is supersized to boot so she is going to be blinding everyone she meets when she wears it.
I know there are some more pictures out there so I will post when I get another batch.
How about you? Do you like wearing lots of bling or are you more subtle in your adornment? I tend to be subtle but I do love wearing huge cocktail rings!


  1. Wow! These are all stupendous!! Wish I had been in that class;

  2. Super WOW !!!
    The pieces are fantastic !!!! All of them !
    Me too Lora, I wish I was there!!

  3. Thanks for another great post, Christine! It's so much fun to see all the knock-your-socks-off rings that are coming out of that fabulous class. I still haven't gotten a chance to fire and finish mine because I'm up to my elbows finishing the article edits for the the upcoming issue, but as soon as that's put to bed, watch out! ;) I always have worn fairly slender, dainty rings in the past, but after I finish my current "honker-in-progress," I definitely can see more "cocktail rings" in my future!

  4. Such impressive work by all. Well done

  5. Most excellent! Sounds like a class we'd have all loved to take - Barbara's workshops are awesome!

  6. And thanks to my wonderful husband Howard who took my and Sherry's pictures! We got our own inhouse art photographer!!!


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