Thursday, January 6, 2011

Good morning!  I just posted the following note on a new blog set up for gathering Canadian metal clay artists together.  Here's a link to their blog:  
"Hello Canadians! I'm hoping that you know about our magazine--but if not here's a quick introduction. Metal Clay Artist Magazine is Canadian made!  Our staff is volunteer and located in many corners of the world!  (Gotta love internet technology!!)  Our magazine is distributed 4x a year to over 14 000 readers each time and can be found at Chapters, Barnes and Noble, Borders, and starting with the next issue, WH Smith and many metal clay distributors and bead stores in over 67 countries!  (We have a list on our website so that you can find a shop/online store near you.) It's a true labour of love and our team is dedicated and our community of artists generous!"

Of course we're always looking for great artists from all over the world!   To send me photos of your work or article ideas, you can write to me at

Have fun creating today! 
It's that time of year again!  Skating on the world's largest skating rink--the Rideau Canal!  If I wanted to and had the energy I could skate from my house all the way to the Parliament Buildings!!
Canada's Parliament Buildings in Ottawa--just down the road from me!


  1. Great photos! I am so looking forward to your mag hitting the shelves of WHSmith here in the UK soon. :0)

  2. Thanks Jane! We're looking forward to it too! I've always wanted to visit the UK--but at least a part of me will go with the magazine! I have a long list of places I'd like to visit--so maybe a Metal Clay Artist Magazine tour will be in order! :)


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