Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hadar's bronze and copper clay vs. Art Clay copper

This little sunflower was made with Art Clay copper it was a but messy to roll out, cut and sand but torch fired well in 5 mins. It kiln fires in 30mins without carbon. Firescale dropped of easily when quenshed in water but cleaning with acid and polishing was required. Nice bright and shiney finish I like it quick easy and cheap to make! I prefered to torch fire it rather than kiln fire as getting it out of the kiln red hot to avoid as much fire scale as possible was a bit tricky.

This piece was made with Hadar's bronze clay It was easy to mix and work with and fired succesfully but it did require a complex firing schedual as pieces larger than 1in have a 2 phase firing. It took 12 hours in total to make as it need to be cooled to room tremperature as the first fiing of 30mins than the second firing was 2 hours and left to cool. The carbon had to be changed for the second phase. It took quite a bit of cleaning in acid and then polishing to get a nice finish but the result was good. The sheen and the texure is lovely. Taking into account the time and firing costs not as cheap to make as I first thought it would be so I will use this on special pieces. I subsequently fired some Hadar's copper clay in the same way but the results were not as shiney as I hope they would be.
I will be trying out the Hadar's white bronze very shortly so will keep you informed on my results.


  1. Have you played with Copprclay or any of the Bronzclays?

  2. Thanks for the frank comparison Denise! I can't wait to see what else you are working on and the white bronze!!!

  3. Hadar´s Clay works wonderful especially when you want to combine different kinds of metal clay. I don´t use carbon in the first firing phase, just to get the binder off. Saves time and carbon. Use a rotary tool to finish your piece very easily.

  4. It is good that you gave a good comparison between bronze and copper clay! This may benefit amateurs in creating this kind of craft. Well, whatever clay you choose, most important of all is that you create and express your idea in an artistic way.

    Lawrence Halter


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