Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beauty is everywhere, it all depends in how we look at it !

After reading the wonderful post by Kelly Russell, "Thinking outside the box", I remembered a class I took last year with a wonderful German artist, Anemone Tontsch.
Her class was about making jewelry with perishable items. Some of my friends did not understand why I wanted to take a class like this. I feel sorry for some of them that missed taking this class because it really change me in a lot of ways.
This artist gave me a different perspective in how to see things and create my work. She is such a lover for life and our surroundings, that she sees inspiration in everything around her.
Her class was incredible, I managed to make some pieces with plantains, radishes, carrots, dry peppers, acorn and much more. At the beginning it was not easy to come out with an idea because the only thing I saw was the fruit or vegetable, it was until I broke my own limitations that the ideas started to flow and I just could not stop!! 
You can visit my post in my blog to see what I made during the class.
Beauty in Transience: Creating Perishable Jewelry with Anemone Tontsch

After the class I was so inspired that I started to make rings out of things I will never thought, like these:

I made this ring with Papaya.

 Acorns with copper wire and some coral beads.

I challenge you to play with fruits, vegetables, dry seeds, etc. You will be surprise to see how many ideas will pop up in your head. 
If you make something with perishable items, we will love to see them in our Facebook page, Metal Clay Artist Magazine. Post a picture of your master piece !! I will love to see them!

Remember, "Beauty is everywhere, it all depends in how we look at it!"



  1. Wow, these are SO COOL, Lorena!!! I love the way you were able to look at things like a papaya and see the artistic potential of both the skin and the flesh of the fruit. Really inspiring!!!

  2. Thank You Margaret ! ;D
    It is incredible how much it opens your mind after you play with perishable items.


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