Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New! (To me!)

First post--on our new blog.  This blog is under construction...and I hope to see it become a space to discuss and share what we are doing in between magazine issues.  Four issues a year is all that our team can manage right now--but we want to stay in touch with everyone and so I thought a blog would be fun.  We'd like to see what you have going on in your studio, what projects you try from the magazine and ideas you have to present.  Just like the magazine--the blog will be by and for our community of artists.


  1. Great !!!!
    This is going to be a great place to share our love for metal clay and jewelry making !!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing what ideas others have to share!

  3. The blog is looking beautiful Lorena and Kim!!

  4. Great to see this new blog....especially as we need to wait until Easter to be able to buy your super magazine over here in the UK. I will look forward to seeing lots of new ideas. I have only just started using PMC in my jewellery making and have so far only made one pendant using this at a one day course but I SO enjoyed it that I featured it in my own blog last November! :0)

  5. Great Jane--post a link to your blog! We want to see what you made!

  6. Here it is !!
    You did a great job Jane !!

  7. I'm excited about the new blog! Great way to stay informed, share and see others work. I love your ring Lorena! I am still a novice in metal clay and look forward to my first issue soon-and learning new ideas here too. I love adding metal clay to other metals in my work.

  8. Welcome to the blog Deborah !
    Thank You !
    You will love the magazine and we are going to be posting great information here too.
    If you have any questions or if you like us to talk about something of your interest, please let us know.


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