Sunday, January 9, 2011

My first Metal Clay Book

Hola !!
Good Morning my friends !!
I want to share with you the first book I got about metal clay.

My first book was : PMC Decade by Tim McCreight.

My wonderful teacher and mentor, Claire Holliday (who is the artist in the front cover of the book!) talked to me about the book and I had to have it. I was just being introduced to this wonderful medium and I was impress to see such incredible pieces of art in the book.

I felt in love with the work of a lot of artists in this book, they gave more inspiration to keep on playing with metal clay.

What was your first metal clay book ???



  1. My first book was Working with Precious Metal Clay- by Tim McCreight also! There are great illustrations(which is very helpful if you need visual like I do) as well as easy to follow steps in each project. Love it and refer to it alot!

  2. Great Deborah !
    I have that book too !!

  3. Can you recommend a supplier or two for PMC+


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